About Us

About the Legislative Council

The Legislative Council is one of five nonpartisan legislative service agencies of the Wisconsin Legislature.  The staff is headed by a Director who reports to the Joint Legislative Council and the Joint Committee on Legislative Organization.

The staff of the Legislative Council consists of approximately 30 employees.  State law requires that all work by the staff for legislators is nonpartisan and confidential.

The Legislative Council supports effective lawmaking by:

  • Providing staff services to standing committees of the Legislature, including the Joint Committee on Legislative Organization and the Joint Committee on Employment Relations;
  • Providing staff services to study committees created by the Joint Legislative Council;
  • Serving as the Rules Clearinghouse by preparing reports on all proposed administrative rules and assisting standing committees in their oversight of the administrative rulemaking process;
  • Preparing informational publications for Legislators and the public; and
  • Responding to information and legal and policy research requests from legislators, other legislative service agencies, and legislative staff.

The Council frequently hosts a series of symposia that address current issues through the use of national experts and University of Wisconsin staff. In addition, the staff has developed training seminars for new legislators, staff members and individuals involved in the administrative procedure process.

A series of publications are developed by the Council staff.

The series includes:

  • Amendment Memos: brief explanations of changes to legislation as it progresses through the Legislature.
  • Act Memos: brief summaries of bills that have passed the Legislature and become law.
  • Legislator Briefing Book: a compendium of background information and information in major issue areas. Each chapter is a “self-contained” discussion of a given subject.
  • Information Memoranda: detailed discussions of a topic that is of major concern to the Legislature.
  • Reports: detailed summaries of recommendations from special study committees.